pregnant_workout_vancouverBare Fit and Pregnant and ISUS Fitness is a Vancouver-based fitness company specializing in group fitness programs for prenatal and postnatal women, and individual personal training for groups and individuals of all ages and abilities. Owner, Susi Kerr, BA, ACE Certified trainer, opened her first Kitsilano studio in 2002 (She’s now moved to a bigger one!).

With over 24 years working in fitness and as co-author of Fit to Deliver, Susi expanded of her extensive knowledge of prenatal and postnatal fitness to provide the Bare Fit programs offering fitness education, camaraderie and a supportive group environment to women of all ages and fitness abilities.

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• Hard Core Mommies (evening/daytime post-post-natal)

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About Susi Kerr

Susi Kerr, BA, ACE Certified trainer, IDEA Elite trainer, graduated from York University where she studied Physical Education. During her years there she was on the cross-country and Track and Field Varsity teams. Upon graduation she continued her running career and was a nationally ranked athlete for years.

She has been a personal trainer for over 24 years in Vancouver, working with various populations along the way.

susidylansmallWhile pregnant with her son she realized that many myths and misconceptions regarding exercise and pregnancy existed. She was determined to learn and educate other women on the benefits of exercising safely. She has co-authored the book Fit To Deliver (a prenatal fitness book) and has been featured in many magazines.

Her company, Bare Fit and Pregnant, also known as ISUS Fitness, offers prenatal,  postnatal fitness and hardcore mommies classes which have helped hundreds of pregnant and postpartum women maintain and improve their fitness levels.

During Susi’s pregnany she maintained a high level of fitness doing aerobic and strength training exercise up to the day her son was born and was able to run well into her eighth month.